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Through well-crafted short films the audience can be a told a story in a way through which they emotionally connect with your messages and invoke action.

Our award-winning short films have been shown at film festivals, featured on TV, gone viral and consistently produced measurable results. We love to help clients tell their story in a way that will resonate with their audience. It’s our passion, our purpose and pride.

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Live Streaming

In a world of on-demand TV and a need for instant gratification live streaming has become an increasingly popular way for audiences to interact via social media for the latest news, views and entertainment.

As early adopters of live streaming; Storyboard has experienced the possibilities and practicalities of live video as a powerful means of creating interactive media that can hugely increase customer engagements and drive sales.

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Connecting to a listener through podcasting is one of the most personal forms of digital communication. It’s relatively low-cost production and distribution channels open up a whole world of opportunity for next level engagement.

According to Ofcom; podcasts are booming in the UK, with nearly six million people now tuning in each week; half of whom are aged 35 and under.

All the signs are that this growth will continue, and we are working with clients to ensure that this opportunity is maximised as part of their digital communications strategy.


Aerial photography is a powerful and at times, breath-taking way that can help you tell your story through stills and video footage.

Our 4K camera mounted on the Inspire 1 Quadcopter can capture beautiful images that convey messages in a way that would be limited by sticking to the ground. Our experienced pilots and cameramen know what works for film and can work with your brief to achieve the best outcome.

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Whether it be a product or media launch, engagement activity, celebration or something else there is an array of emotion and activity to be captured that tells a story whilst conveying messages about you and your brand.

We have high-spec equipment to show an event in all of its glory along with the journalistic skills required to tease out the emotional points that will connect the viewer.


The growth of digital media consumption means that films are a central component of most marketing and communications campaigns.

A well-researched and considered film can take your audience on a journey towards a challenged attitude, raised awareness and even a call to action.

Working with clients to support campaigns through media on social content, websites, TV and apps we relish the opportunity to work with clients to challenge what is possible.


There are many ways to showcase something you have built, achieved or have to say. Telling a story, sharing a case study or demonstrating what something can do requires the creation of something will quickly engage your audience and hold their attention to ensure you get the desired results.

We work with clients to understand all of the key points we intend the demonstrate and then create the best form of media to achieve that and more.

Have a story you’d like to tell?
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